A Ray Character Award & a Nobel Peace Prize

Some days begin or end with news that has the power to make our hearts feel heavy. Such was the way we began our morning yesterday, September 13, 2009.

As we awoke to the morning news, we learned that our friend, Norman Borlaug, had passed away from lymphoma late the previous evening.

If you would like to find out more about Mr. Borlaug, we encourage you to visit his foundation’s web page to learn more about the Iowa native, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and the father of the Green Revolution.

In 2001, we were honored to present Mr. Borlaug with the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award to recognize his lifelong commitment to demonstrating good character.

As one of the first recipients of the Ray Award, Mr. Borlaug certainly was a great example of an Iowan who strived for excellence and ethics. We are proud to consider Mr. Borlaug a part of the CHARACTER COUNTS! family.

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